Visitor Policies

When visiting PacSci, we ask guests to follow the policies and procedures listed to ensure the best experience for everyone visiting.

General Visitor Policies

  • Pacific Science Center is a weapons-free property.
  • Pacific Science Center does not tolerate any harassment or discrimination of other guests, volunteers, or staff. Pacific Science Center is an SPD Safe Place supporting safe and secure places for victims of anti-LGBTQ related crimes and harassment. Guests that feel unsafe for any reason during their visit should notify staff right away.
  • Pacific Science Center is a tobacco, vaping and e-cigarette-free property, including all outdoor spaces.
  • While pets are not permitted inside Pacific Science Center, service animals are welcome.
  • All youth under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18 throughout their visit.
  • No helium balloons are allowed inside Pacific Science Center. If you have any with you, we will gladly keep them in our Guest Services office until you depart.
  • For the safety and enjoyment of our IMAX® Theater, Laser Dome and Planetarium guests, no late seating is allowed. Please allow yourself ample time to park and enter.
  • Most of our exhibits are interactive – please enjoy hands-on learning and handle with care so they may be enjoyed by all guests for years to come.
  • For your safety, and that of our other guests, no running indoors or outdoors.
  • All guests are required to wear shoes.
  • Use care near the edge of the ponds. They are an integral, iconic part of Pacific Science Center but we do not want your visit ruined by a fall in the water.
  • Please refrain from eating inside exhibit spaces. There is the Outdoor Lunch Area and benches around our courtyard we invite you to use instead. Food is available for purchase in our café and theater concession areas. School groups may also eat in our Discovery Labs at designated times.
  • We request you do not feed any animals. Human food is not healthy for and can endanger the ducks, birds and other animals that frequent Pacific Science Center’s grounds.
  • Guests may exit and re-enter Pacific Science Center during their visit. Simply show your ticket or hand-stamp to a cashier for re-entry.
  • If you want to listen to music during you visit, we kindly ask that you use headphones and/or keep the volume of your personal electronic devices at a reasonable level so as not to disturb other guests. Please be aware that use of personal electronic devices is not allowed in our Planetarium, IMAX®, or laser theaters.
  • Pacific Science Center reserves the right to refuse or revoke membership and/or deny admission without refund at any time it is deemed necessary.

This list is not exhaustive and does not cover every situation. Thank you for following these guidelines and visiting Pacific Science Center. We appreciate your support. Please call (206) 443-2001 with any questions.

Ticketing Policies

For your security, Print at Home tickets are individually barcoded and allow only one scan per entry. If more than one copy of your ticket is printed, or a photocopy is made, only the first scan of the barcode on your ticket will be allowed entry. Any subsequent copies attempting to scan will alert staff that the ticket has already been scanned.

Timed Ticketing Policy

Pacific Science Center reserves the right to deny entry to ticket holders more than 15 minutes late for their exhibition entry time without refund.

Refund and Exchange Policy

All ticket sales are final and non-refundable.

All exchanges must be processed at least 24 hours prior to the time and date of the event or reservation. Exchanges are not allowed after an event has started, for tickets with dates in the past, or for events or reservations marked no refunds or exchanges.

For exchanges or to make edits to your reservation, you must purchase new tickets and then request a refund for your previous purchase. In order to request a refund, the original purchase receipt and/or order number is required. Refunds can be made only to the same payment method with which they were purchased, and will only be made to the original purchaser.

Late Seating Policy

No late seating is allowed in our IMAX theaters, planetarium, or Laser Dome.

The Pacific Science Center reserves the right to modify existing policies or add new policies at any time without notice. Pacific Science Center also reserves the right to revoke or deny admission without refund at any time it is deemed necessary or prudent.

Photo & Video Policies

Guest photography and videotaping with small, personal recording devices is permitted for private, non-commercial use, except where otherwise posted. Tripods for filming and photography are not allowed in the exhibit halls. Photographs and videos of the Science Center, including the arches, exhibit displays, exterior buildings, etc. may not be published, sold, reproduced or otherwise commercially exploited in any manner without written approval from Pacific Science Center.

Professional Photography and Filming Policy

The following guidelines apply to organizations and individuals interested in shooting film or photography at Pacific Science Center for purposes other than personal use. All photography or film shoots require written approval from Pacific Science Center’s Public Relations Department at least two weeks in advance. To receive written approval, please email our PR Department or call (206) 443-2844.

Photography and videotaping must be conducted without disruption to Science Center operations or limitation to the accessibility of exhibitions, entrances/exits, doorways and high traffic areas. The flow of guests must not be blocked at any time.

Media Photography Policy

Members of the media may photograph or film within designated areas of Pacific Science Center for the purpose of news coverage. All members of the media must have a valid press pass and must make arrangements with Pacific Science Center’s Public Relations Department prior to their arrival. To make prior arrangements, please email our PR Department or call (206) 443-2844.

Photo & Video FAQ

Can I photograph my class assignment on the grounds?

Yes! Students are considered general guests and can take personal photography used for non-commercial purposes.

I’m just a guest to Pacific Science Center. Can I upload my personal pictures to Flickr, Facebook, or other social media sites?

Yes! The Science Center encourages you to share the images from your visit, as long as they are not available for someone to purchase or are being used to market a business in any way.

I’m just a guest to Pacific Science Center, but I own a SLR or DSLR “professional” camera. Can I bring this camera to photograph while visiting the museum with my family?

Yes, as long as you only have the camera. The addition of multiple lenses, large photography bag, tripod, etc. will give the impression you are here for a photography shoot and not just visiting PacSci.

We are a group/club of photography enthusiasts wanting to shoot on the grounds. Do we need prior approval?

Yes, photography groups/clubs should notify the Public Relations Department of their intended outing. Documentation from the organizing club/business should be provided and use of the grounds for the shoot will be decided on an individual basis. To make prior arrangements please email our PR Department.