IMAX Theaters

People wearing 3D glasses in a theater

PacSci is the home of Seattle’s ultimate IMAX® experience and the largest screen in Washington with two state-of-the-art theaters: Boeing and PACCAR.

Plus, you support science education across Washington state when you enjoy movies at PacSci’s theaters!

Arrive early – Movies start promptly, so please allow ample time for entry to ensure that you can safely find a seat.

Reserved seating is not available in either of our theaters. The configuration of seats in both of our IMAX theaters does not allow for reserved seating.


AgeIMAX Feature MovieIMAX Documentary Movie
Youth (3-17)$16.00$9.00
Adults (18-64)$21.00$12.00
Seniors (65+)$16.00$9.00

Feature Movies

Playing This Week

The Boy and the Heron

Studio Ghibli's The Boy and the Heron in theaters December 8

Godzilla Minus One

IMAX Godzilla Minus One

Coming Soon


Timothee Chalamet in Wonka

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

Filmed for IMAX Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

Documentary MOVIES

Sky’s the Limit in our Theaters

Deep Sky

Deep Sky brings the awe-inspiring images captured by NASA’s Webb Telescope to IMAX—a journey to the beginning of time and space, to never-before-seen cosmic landscapes, recently discovered exoplanets, and planets around other stars.

Follow the global mission to build and launch JWST into orbit in an attempt to answer questions that have haunted us since the beginning of time: Where did we come from? How did the universe begin? Are we alone?

Asteroid Hunters

Asteroid Hunters movie poster

A Beautiful Planet

A Beautiful Planet movie poster with a space view of earth

Hubble 2d

IMAX Hubble movie poster

The Arctic: Our Last Great Wilderness

Polar bear in the arctic with "The Arctic: Our Last Great Wilderness"

Dinosaurs of Antarctica

Dinosaurs of Antarctica poster with a dinosaur roaring

Flight of the Butterflies

Monarch butterflies flying in the sky on the Flight of the Butterflies poster

Train Time

Train Time movie poster

How Do Our Theaters Match Up?

Boeing Sound: 12,000 watts digital sound 12.1 surround

Boeing Screen Size: 6 stories tall and 80′ wide Silver Screen for 3D

Boeing Silver Screen Fun Fact: 3rd Laser IMAX installation in the world

PACCAR Sound: 12,000 watts digital sound 5.1 surround

PACCAR Screen Size: 37′ tall and 60′ wide Silver Screen for 3D

PACCAR Silver Screen Fun Fact: First installed with film in 1979, converted to digital in 2011.

Give the gift of curiosity with a PacSci gift certificate!

The gift certificate can be redeemed whenever you—or those on your gift list—are ready to reserve IMAX tickets or activate memberships.

Plus your purchase helps support PacSci’s mission to expand access to science across Washington state.

Name Your Seat for Science

Do you love movies and documentaries? Do you want to see your name or inscription on a chair in our legendary Boeing IMAX Theater? Donate $1,000+ to PacSci today and you can name a seat for science!


Are IMAX screenings included in General Admission tickets?

No. Tickets to our IMAX theaters must be purchased separately.

Where can I buy IMAX tickets?

Tickets are available for purchase on our website.

Can I select my seat in advance?

No. Reserved seating is not available in either of our theaters.

The configuration of seats in both of our IMAX theaters does not allow for reserved seating. Boeing Theater is the largest and only true IMAX theater in the region and offers plush seating.

Do you accommodate accessibility needs?

Yes. Both of our IMAX theaters are wheelchair accessible.

Closed captioning is available for some movies, which is indicated on each listing. Listening assist devices are also available. If closed captioning or other accessibility needs are required, please contact us in advance or speak with our theater staff at the show, and they will be happy to assist you.

What do you offer as concessions?

We offer a full-service concession stand in our Boeing IMAX Theater, with goodies ranging from popcorn to candy to soft drinks and more.

Beer and wine are also available in our Boeing IMAX Theater to our 21+ guests.

Where can I park?

There are several parking garages around Seattle Center. To view parking garages and locations, please see Parking & Transportation.

Please note: Garages around Seattle Center, including James Albert Claypool Memorial Garage, are not managed by Pacific Science Center. Please check posted signage at each garage for current rates and operating hours before parking.

Ticket Refund & Exchange Policy

Delivery Charges

No delivery charge will be added to tickets picked up on-site at Will Call or an automated Kiosk.

Ticket Exchanges and Refunds

Tickets noted with “No Refunds or Exchanges” cannot be refunded or exchanged at any time. For all other tickets, no refunds or exchanges will be offered after the event has begun or the entry time has passed.

Refund or exchanges requested via phone or email should be submitted at least 24 hours in advance of the event start time to ensure they are processed. Service fees are non-refundable.

In the case that your ticketed event is cancelled by Pacific Science Center for any reason your ticket will be exchanged at no cost, or fully refunded including service fees. The exchange or refund must be arranged for within four days of the cancelled event or the refund or exchange will no longer be available.

No exchange fee will be charged.

For refunds or exchanges, please contact Guest Services at (206) 443-2844.

Theater Accessibility Information

Both IMAX theaters are wheelchair accessible. The PACCAR IMAX and Boeing IMAX Theaters each accommodate six wheelchairs and reserved companion seats. Additionally, the Boeing Theater has four accessible seats for patrons with disabilities with arms that fold out for easier access.

  • To access the PACCAR IMAX Theater via wheelchair, go to the glass elevator just outside our Grossology Bathrooms in Building 5 and go up one level. Or go to the entrance to Building 1 where you’ll see a marked elevator. Take that elevator up one level, exit through cafe and proceed across upper courtyard taking a right to theater entrance once you’ve reached Building 5.
  • To access Boeing IMAX Theater via elevator, proceed to the Upper Boeing Lobby. Next to our public restrooms is an elevator that will take you down to the lower lobby. Once you exit the elevator, go left to theater entrance.

Theater Closed Captioning

Closed captioning is available for some movies, which is indicated on each listing. If closed captioning is needed, please speak with our theater staff at the show.

Learn about Accessibility at PacSci.