Digital Discovery Workshops

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Formerly known as Virtual Field Trips, PacSci’s Digital Discovery Workshops bring unique science experiences to you on your own schedule. PacSci educators join you live from our Digital Learning Studio to engage learners in STEM concepts through real-time demonstrations, specimen close-ups, and interactive software and videos.

With a focus on real world applications and spotlighting STEM careers, Digital Discovery Workshops bring classroom content to life and support Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Beyond your live session, each program includes a teacher toolkit packed with additional resources such as reading lists, hands-on activity guides, and STEM videos to extend the learning experience.

About Digital Discovery Workshops

Who Are these for?

  • Digital Discovery Workshops are designed for Pre K–12 graders joining from classrooms, after-school settings, scout groups, library programs, or other community groups.
  • Most programs have a max of 50 students to encourage a high level of interactivity for 1–2 classes per program.
  • Some program titles can accommodate larger audiences for STEM nights, whole grade bands, or community events.
  • If your learners have accessibility needs, review our Accommodation Offerings for an overview of options to support their experiences.

How They Work

  • PacSci educators send you a private Zoom link, or join a virtual platform of your choice.
  • Meet your PacSci educator for a short tech check, then start your 40-minute live program.
  • PacSci educators guide participants through demonstrations and activities as they facilitate active student participation.
  • Each program includes an optional follow-along worksheet, as well as connected extension activities, reading lists, and videos to use before and after the program. Select workshops include Lumio teacher resources.

Costs & Booking

  • 1-99 participants: $250
  • 100-199 participants: $350
  • 200-299 participants: $450
  • 300+ participants: $550

Qualified low-income schools may receive up to 100% off Digital Discovery Workshops rates.

Typically schools with 40% or higher free and reduced lunch percentage qualify for subsidies.

Programs should be booked at least 2 weeks in advance. We book on a rolling calendar year so we can schedule as far in advance as you like!

What You Will Need

  • One shared device with a large screen and speakers OR individual devices
  • Internet connection
  • Access to your selected virtual platform, such as Zoom, Teams, or Google Meet
  • A webcam and microphone on participant device(s)
  • An adult or volunteer must be present to help facilitate

Check out our Program Requirements and Pre-Program Checklist for more details on program logistics.

Looking for a Digital Discovery Workshop in Another language?

We have pre-recorded programs available with subtitles in Chinese, Amharic, Somali, and American Sign Language as well as spoken in Spanish. Find out more information by emailing our Education Team.

Available Programs

View supported NGSS for specific Digital Discovery Workshops options.

Additional Resources


Have PacSci’s educators join your students live from our Curiosity Studio, and lead students in live workshops and demonstrations featuring some of PacSci’s favorite STEM activities. Each session is private to your group of students, ensuring lots of interactivity! 

Program Content

What is a Digital Discovery Workshop? 

PacSci’s Digital Discovery Workshops are live, interactive educational programs that engage learners in STEM concepts. Participants join a link from either individual devices or a shared device to meet with a PacSci educator in real time. Using live demonstrations, specimen close-ups on camera, and interactive software and videos, the PacSci educator will guide your learners through observations and activities that spark curiosity and support science standards. Watch this 1-minute preview video for a snap shot of some of our virtual program offerings.

Who can participate in a Digital Discovery Workshops? 

Anyone! This includes schools, after-school programs, scout groups, birthday celebrations, and more. If you have curious minds, we have exciting programs!

How do I select a program? 

Check out the program descriptions above to find a program that best fits the age range, group size, and interests of your group. If you have multiple groups or are interested in multiple programs, you’re welcome to book more than one session. Email the Education Team for more specifics on any program.

Can you adjust your program content or length to better fit my curriculum? 

We may be able to adjust the content based on topic requests and lead time. Substantial changes may incur additional costs. Include any special requests in your inquiry form, or email the Education Team. 

Can participants ask questions during the program?

Participants can ask questions via the chat and/or microphone depending on your device set up and preferences. PacSci educators will work with your group’s supporting adult to help facilitate interactive portions in a way that works best for your learners.

How long is each session?

Digital Discovery Workshops are 40 minutes long. We may be able to accommodate shorter or longer programs to fit your needs. Please include your request in your inquiry form.

Program Logistics 

How far ahead should we book a program? 

Programs should be booked at least 2 weeks in advance. We book on a rolling calendar year so you can schedule as far in advance as you’d like!

Do Digital Discovery Workshops work best for in-person, remote, or hybrid groups? 

Programs are designed to be engaging and easily facilitated for any of these audience types. If all in-person, your learners can join from a large shared screen and speaker (recommended), or from their own devices.

What delivery platform do you use?

We can join your secure virtual platform of choice, or set up a private Zoom that only your group will have access to. We are flexible to adapt to the delivery platform that works best for you!

What do I need on my end to join a session? What are the requirements?

Review the full Program Requirements, or see the abbreviated list below.

  • Individual devices OR a shared device with a large screen and speakers
  • Internet connection
  • Access to your selected virtual delivery platform, such as Zoom, Teams or Google Meet
  • A webcam and microphone on participant device(s)
  • An adult or volunteer must be present to help facilitate

How do I prepare for our Digital Discovery Workshop session? 

The Pre-Program Checklist has everything you need to know and a copy of the checklist will be emailed to you upon booking.

How many people can join one program?

Most Digital Discovery Workshop programs are best with no more than 50 students. This helps to ensure a high level of interactivity. For large groups, we suggest the Radical Reactions or planetarium shows as they have a smaller amount of interactivity (and a high amount of “oohs and ahhs!”) that work well with big groups.

How do I protect my students’ privacy in these online programs?

Each program is private to the booking group. We can join the virtual learning platform of your choice, or we can set up a private Zoom meeting, webinar, or unlisted YouTube video for you and your students to join. Let us know your privacy needs, and we can meet you there.

Pricing Questions

How much do Digital Discovery Workshops cost?

Pricing starts at $200 for a 40-minute program for up to 50 participants and increases for larger audiences.

Are there scholarships for low-income groups? 

Groups serving Title I or other low-income students may be eligible for scholarships covering up to 100% of program cost. Let us know if you serve low-income learners when you submit your inquiry.

Are there any other discounts for Digital Discovery Workshops? 

Discounts may be available for booking multiple programs.

Canceling a Program

What is your cancelation policy?

In order to run a sustainable program, we request that all cancelations email Education Programs with at least 7 days notice. We would be happy to help you reschedule instead of canceling whenever possible. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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