Benefits of STEM for Preschoolers

In today’s fast-paced world, fostering a love for learning early on is paramount. And what better way to ignite curiosity and pave the path for lifelong learning than through hands-on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education?

At Pacific Science Center, we’re all about making learning fun, especially for our youngest explorers. From exciting summer camps to mind-blowing planetarium shows and DIY activities you can try at home, we’ve got something for everyone!

Preschoolers are Curious!

If you have spent any time with a preschooler, you know that they are natural question machines.

Research backs this up, too. Studies show that preschoolers are constantly on the hunt for answers, asking around 76 questions an hour! That’s a lot of curiosity packed into those young minds.

A group of campers with speech bubbles above them with various questions.

Why Does Hands-on Learning Matter?

Preschoolers are naturally curious and thrive when given the opportunity to learn through play and hands-on activities. By engaging in interactive experiences, they not only retain information better but also develop essential problem-solving skills.

Through hands-on exploration, preschoolers can grasp abstract STEM concepts in tangible ways, making connections between theoretical knowledge and their own lived experiences. Whether it’s building structures with blocks, conducting simple experiments, or exploring nature in outdoor settings, these activities provide opportunities for children to observe, question, and experiment.

Does PacSci offer Pre–K or Kindergarten Summer Camps?

Yes, we do! We are dedicated to creating fun and educational experiences for kids of all ages especially our littlest ones. This is why we’ve worked to increase our PreK-K camps offerings!

At Camp for Curious Minds’ STEM summer camps, hands-on learning takes center stage, empowering preschoolers to explore, experiment, and discover the wonders of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics through interactive activities, crafts, and engaging projects.

PreK-K campers need to be 4 years old by the start of their camp adventure. And hey, for those kids who’ll be celebrating their 4th birthday in the middle of summer, they can still hop on board for a camp later in the season, as long as they’re four by the camp start date.

A group of campers raising their hands

Where Are Preschool Summer Camps?

We’re thrilled to announce that Camp for Curious Minds offers PreK-K summer camps at five of our wonderful locations!

We’re continuing our engaging PreK-K camps at Pacific Science Center, Mercer Slough Environmental Education Center, and Salish Sea Elementary. We’re excited to introduce PreK-K camps at Explore West Middle School in West Seattle!

Now, even more young learners can dive into the world of STEM education while experiencing the joy of discovery and exploration. With multiple locations across the city, we’re committed to providing convenient access for families, ensuring that every preschooler can embark on a journey of hands-on learning and scientific inquiry.

Join us as we ignite curiosity and inspire the next generation of innovators!

Being Curious at Home

At PacSci, we believe in learning by doing. Our Curiosity at Home printable STEM activities empower parents and caregivers to facilitate hands-on learning experiences right in the comfort of their homes.

Can’t wait for summer? No problem! We’ve got tons of awesome STEM activities you can try right at home. From making slime to building your exploring animals in your backyard, our Curiosity at Home activities are packed with fun and easy experiments that’ll keep you entertained for hours. So, grab your lab coat (or apron) and let’s get experimenting!

Preschool Planetarium Shows

Ever wondered what it’s like to travel through space? Our planetarium shows will take you on an epic journey through the cosmos! From dazzling stars to mysterious galaxies, you’ll be on the edge of your seat the whole time. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to be amazed!

Written with our youngest guests in mind, Preschool All Stars is an opportunity for children of all ages to be introduced to the wonders of astronomy. Guests interact with the sky and space in the planetarium through dance, song, and storytelling. Best for ages 2-5.

Curious Beginnings

Putting resources into STEM education for preschoolers is like investing in their future. It’s a strong tool to help reduce the gaps in academic success caused by differences in opportunity and access.

Come join us as we explore the fun mix of play and learning, where every question leads to a new discovery, and every experiment adds to the fire of curiosity.

At PacSci, we picture a future where every preschooler’s abilities are sparked by the magic of STEM, preparing the next generation for a lifetime of being curious and successful in their studies.

Who knows what they’ll discover!

Camps for Curious Minds is presented by Bristol Myers Squibb and First Tech Federal Credit Union with additional generous support provided by Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center.

Thank you to our generous supporters, including more than 1,500 individuals, companies, and foundations, as well as more than 13,000 member households. Your support brings to life PacSci’s mission to ignite curiosity in every corner of Washington State and beyond.