Do-It-Yourself Engineering Challenges

Welcome to the world of engineering exploration, brought right to your doorstep with PacSci’s Curiosity at Home resources!

Are you ready to embark on a journey of engineering discovery from the comfort of your own home?

Look no further than PacSci’s curated collection of expert-approved resources designed to ignite your curiosity and spark your creativity!

National Engineers Week Sponsored by The Boeing Company

This month, delve into the captivating realm of engineering with a diverse array of engaging activities and projects suitable for all ages and skill levels.

At PacSci, we believe that everyone has the potential to be an engineer, and our curated collection of resources reflects that belief. Whether you’re a seasoned tinkerer or just beginning your engineering journey, there’s something here for you. From simple experiments to more intricate challenges, you’ll discover ample opportunities to explore, learn, and innovate.

Join us as we kick off National Engineers Week at PacSci with exciting programming and interactive experiences. Meet engineering experts from various backgrounds, send a postcard to space, create miniature airplanes with 3D-printed parts, and much more!

Alongside our National Engineers Week on-site programming, be sure to delve into our extensive collection of at-home activities, crafted to continue igniting your curiosity and passion for engineering!

Cardboard City

Let your imagination soar and your engineering skills shine with Cardboard City!

Today’s cities boast diverse layouts, services, and styles to cater to the needs of their inhabitants. Now, it’s your turn to design and construct a cardboard city that reflects your vision and creativity.

Crash Test

Prepare for an adventure with Crash Test!

Construct your own vehicles using K’Nex, LEGOs, or any materials at your disposal. Then, build a crash test zone to assess their safety. It’s an exciting hands-on exploration that blends creativity with engineering fun!

Spaghetti Towers

Reach new heights with Spaghetti Towers! Utilizing spaghetti and mini marshmallows, design and build the tallest tower imaginable. Experiment with different designs, test their stability, and uncover the secrets of shape and structure while enjoying the process.

Draw Like a Computer

Unleash your inner artist with Draw Like a Computer!

Decode a secret image and master the art of drawing using a grid system. Create your own images and challenge others to decode them. Dive into the world of computer graphics and share your unique creations!

Decryption Detective

Become a Decryption Detective!

Crack codes and reveal hidden messages within ciphertexts. Explore encryption concepts and experiment with encrypting your own messages using numerical codes or mathematical equations. Share your findings and delve into the intriguing world of cryptography!

Wind Powered Cars

Harness the power of the wind with Wind Powered Cars!

Design and construct your own wind-powered vehicle using recycled materials. Put your creation to the test in front of a fan or hair dryer and explore modifications to enhance its performance.

Embark on a journey into the realm of renewable energy and innovative design!

Try Out These Activities and More!

As you explore each activity, you’ll dive deeper into the realms of creativity and problem-solving. From building crash test vehicles to decoding secret messages and designing wind-powered cars, each challenge offers unique insights into the world of engineering.

Looking for even more Curiosity at Home activities? Visit our Curiosity at Home web page to discover a treasure trove of engaging projects and experiments waiting for you to explore!

So why wait? Dive into PacSci’s engineering-themed collection today and start exploring the exciting world of engineering from the comfort of your own home!

Remember, the only limit is your imagination. So, roll up your sleeves, gather your materials, and let the engineering adventure begin! Happy tinkering!

National Engineers Week is sponsored by The Boeing Company.

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