Digital Discovery Workshop Teacher Toolkits

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Welcome to the resource hub of materials to prepare teachers and their students before, during, and after a Digital Discovery Workshop with Pacific Science Center.

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Resources for all Digital Discovery Workshops

  • Pre-Program Checklist Review: This checklist is required
  • Social Narrative: A simple slide deck story with images to help learners understand what to expect on their Digital Discovery Workshop. Be sure to edit the slides where indicated to best fit your group’s plan!
  • FAQ
  • Next Generation Science Standards: Science standards that each Digital Discovery Workshop supports
  • Accommodations Offerings: Simplified list of accommodations that can be made to increase accessibility for diverse learner needs
  • Survey: Tell us what you think after your program to help us improve.

Teacher Toolkit Components

Each Digital Discovery Workshop Toolkit contains the following components. These optional resources help you easily extend the learning before, during, and after the live program, and can be used within the learning space, or shared with students to do at home with their families. Select workshops include Lumio teacher resources.

Program Overview

Clipboard with pencil

Discussion Questions

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Printable Worksheets

Worksheet with a pencil

Activity Guides

Hand waving

STEAM Videos

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Reading lists

Book open

For more hands-on activities on all STEAM topics, visit our Curiosity at Home webpage and explore activities by age group and topic in both English and Spanish.

Teacher Toolkits

Download the toolkit for your program below.

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