STEMulating Success: Exploring STEM Careers

Dive into the world of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) through Pacific Science Center’s education programming opportunities. Discover the wealth of resources available to nurture your interest in these fields, from educational experiences to interactive exhibits.

Exploring STEM Careers with PacSci

From budding scientists who are eager to dissect the mysteries of the natural world to tech enthusiasts fascinated by the possibilities of innovation, PacSci stands at the forefront of inspiring and guiding individuals through the exhilarating realm of STEM careers.

By providing a diverse range of immersive experiences, PacSci sparks curiosity and opens the doors to a universe of possibilities.

PacSci’s dynamic approach, encompassing on-site experiences, digital resources, outreach, and collaborative partnerships, ensures that the thrill of STEM reaches far and wide, leaving a lasting mark on the journey of discovery for all.

Nurturing Curiosity Through Educational Programs

At PacSci, we have educational programs that make learning FUN!

Explore hands-on workshops, digital learning experiences, and engaging exhibits that bring complex STEM concepts to life. Whether you’re a student or an enthusiast, our programs are designed to spark your curiosity and ignite excitement!

  • Field Trips: Register your group for a PacSci field trip and have students engage in hands-on, interactive exhibits, fostering skills in developing hypotheses, making observations, and drawing conclusions through self-guided and student-led inquiry-based learning
  • Science on Wheels: Science on Wheels travels across Washington state with interactive workshops, live stage shows, and portable exhibit sets that build excitement for STEM education.
  • Digital Discovery Workshops: Bring PacSci to your classroom with Digital Discovery Workshops. Enjoy synchronous science lessons led by skilled educators, who come to you live from PacSci’s Digital Learning Studio! 

Did you know?

STEM occupations are projected to grow 10.8% between 2021-2031, compared to only 2.8% growth for all other careers. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, September 2023)

Unlocking Career Paths

Navigating the vast landscape of STEM careers can be overwhelming due to the limitless possibilities. Look no further than Career Corners which offers valuable insights and inspiration to help individuals find their ideal career path.

Explore profiles of STEM professionals, understand various occupations, and discover the skills needed for success in the STEM world. It spans various STEM disciplines, showcasing the unique challenges and triumphs of fields like Earth Science, Engineering, Immunology, and beyond. Tailored insights empower you to make informed decisions about your journey.

Engage directly with STEM professionals by submitting your questions. Your queries might even be featured in future videos, fostering a dynamic connection between aspiring minds and seasoned experts!

Career Corner Highlight: Earyn McGee

Earyn McGee

Earyn McGee, a Herpetologist and Science Communicator, is a force in wildlife conservation and academia. With a biology degree from Howard University and a Ph.D. in Natural Resources from the University of Arizona, her academic journey is marked by a focus on the impact of stream drying on lizard populations.

Beyond research, Earyn advocates for diversity in natural resources as a mentor in the Doris Duke Conservation Scholars program. As a Herpetologist Science Communicator, she makes science accessible through social media and public engagements.

Earyn’s unique contribution lies in inspiring underrepresented groups, especially Black women, to pursue natural resources careers. Her story is a testament to the power of passion and education, making her a catalyst for change in STEM.

Learn more about Earyn!

Did you know?

Hispanics, Blacks, and American Indians or Alaska Natives represented nearly a quarter (24%) of the STEM workforce in 2021, up from 18% in 2011. (U.S. National Science Foundation, 2023)

Bridging the Gap Through Mentorship Programs

For those seeking a unique and immersive mentorship experience, PacSci has reintroduced the youth development program, Discovery Corps, a program places high school youth at the forefront of PacSci’s mission to ignite curiosity and instill a passion for discovery, experimentation, and critical thinking.

Through Discovery Corps, I have had networking and professional learning opportunities, and have committed to a lifelong passion of staying curious, exploration, and building community for myself and others. DC provided me with internships and experience in many fields including intersectional environmentalism and advocacy, leading me to a passion for program and youth development in various scientific areas. Minuet McCarthy

Exploring Science for Everyone

PacSci recently unveiled its latest exhibit, Science for Everyone, where we invite visitors to explore the ubiquitous presence of STEM in our everyday lives.

Step into a world where STEM surrounds us, from the technology in our pockets to the engineering marvels that shape our cities. Through interactive screens, video interviews, and captivating sculptures, visitors will discover the myriad ways in which STEM intersects with our daily experiences.

One of the highlights of Science for Everyone is the opportunity to hear directly from local STEM professionals. Through their stories, visitors will learn what sparked their interest in STEM, the paths they took to their careers, and how everyone can find their place in STEM fields. These personal insights provide inspiration and guidance for aspiring scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and technologists of all ages.

Central to the exhibit are six stunning sculptures from the IF/THEN® Initiative, celebrating contemporary female innovators in STEM. From Jessica Fagerstrom to Becca Peixotto to Jaye Gardiner, each sculpture tells the story of a trailblazing woman who has made significant contributions to their respective fields. These sculptures serve as powerful reminders of the diverse talent and ingenuity driving progress in STEM today.

Don’t miss your chance to experience Science for Everyone and uncover the endless possibilities of STEM!

A Future Defined by STEMulating Success

From hands-on educational programs, engaging exhibits, and insightful profiles of STEM professionals in Career Corner, PacSci truly ignites curiosity and fosters a passion for discovery.

The notable growth projections for STEM occupations highlight the increasing importance of these fields, making PacSci’s efforts to bridge the gap through mentorship programs, such as Discovery Corps, even more significant.

As we navigate the vast landscape of STEM careers, PacSci provides valuable resources, fostering connections, and shaping the future for aspiring minds.

Discover, learn, and embark on your STEM journey with Pacific Science Center!

PacSci’s generous supporters include more than 1,500 individuals, companies, and foundations, as well as more than 13,000 member households. This generous support brings to life PacSci’s mission to ignite curiosity in every corner of Washington State and beyond.