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Family at the Tinker Tank table
Families enjoying Tinker Tank Makerspace

We at PacSci are thrilled about reopening our doors to our community! We invite you to continue reading to learn more about where you can find some of our exhibits that have moved.

Not all of our buildings on-site are currently open as we continue to reimagine and upgrade many of our experiences and facilities. Lower Building 3 and Building 4 are currently closed. But just because a building is closed for the time being doesn’t mean that the experiences that were previously in that building are no longer at PacSci. Many of our exhibits are still there, in new, unexpected places — all the more for you to discover and rediscover!

Where Are Exhibits Located?

Tropical Butterfly House is located in Ackerley.
Planetarium, Science on a Sphere, Bodyworks, and the Saltwater Tide Pool are located in Building 2.
Dinosaurs and Live Science Shows are located in Building 1.
Tinker Tank Makerspace is located in Upper Building 3.

Tinker Tank Makerspace

One of our signature experiences — and a community favorite! — Tinker Tank Makerspace has moved from the Carnevali Pavilion to Upper Building 3. Since our reopening, Tinker Tank Makerspace has been expanded with a 3D printer and a Laser Cutter among other tools for guests to experiment, build, and innovate hands-on.

Saltwater Tide Pool

Our Saltwater Tide Pool is back! Located in Building 2, the Saltwater Tide Pool allows guests to discover and explore marine life that lives in tide pools at local beaches. Learn about these local residents while seeing how they act and what they feel like. See the animals move around while they react to the world around them.

Other Exhibits

Also relocated from Building 3 are a number of exhibits, including Bodyworks, Nano, Mostly Music, and Science Playground; They can now be found in Building 2, the Ackerley Family Exhibit Gallery, and Carnevali Pavilion.


PacSci is home to two IMAX® theaters: the Boeing IMAX® theater and the PACCAR IMAX® theater. Make sure to check which of the two theaters you plan on visiting in advance. The Boeing IMAX® theater is located down the ramp in the Carnevali Pavilion. The PACCAR IMAX® theater is located in the upstairs part of our courtyard and can be accessed through the elevator or the staircase in our courtyard near Building 5 and our Grossology restrooms.

What is no longer at PacSci?

As with everything everywhere over the past 2+ years, some things in PacSci have changed, including the retirement of some exhibits due to time and/or wear.

  • The high-rail bike was scheduled to be retired in fall 2020; COVID-19 expedited that.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, it became necessary for the continued health and welfare of our animals to be thoughtfully and carefully re-homed. For example, our naked mole rat colony was rehomed to a brand-new colony enclosure and exhibit at the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens in Palm Desert, CA, where it has flourished and become a visitor favorite. We feel that it would be in the colony’s best interest to remain in its new home.

Our Tropical Butterfly House is back and thriving, and, as we continue to build our experiences and programming, we are thinking carefully and intentionally about how and when we will introduce more animals back to PacSci.

Stay tuned!

While we have reopened much of our campus, we are still reimagining and upgrading some of our experiences and facilities. We are keeping you, our community, in mind as we continue to work on these exciting improvements, with accessibility, the environment, and your experience as our top priorities.

For more information, please visit our FAQ page.