Live at the Laser Dome: KEXP DJ in Residence

March 6, 7:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
Live in the Laser Dome: KEXP DJ in Residency - El Sonido

Join us and experience our new partnership with KEXP! Live at the Laser Dome: KEXP DJ in Residence includes a DJ residency program where KEXP DJs will create unique musical laser experiences in PacSci’s Laser Dome.

Every three months, a different KEXP DJ will curate a series of monthly playlists for the Laser Dome. The select DJ will then perform a live set accompanying the laser performance once a month at the Laser Dome.

Meet the djs

Albina Cabrera from KEXP
DJ Chilly from KEXP

Our next residency is with DJ Albina Cabrera and DJ Chilly from El Sonido, a mixture of the diverse world of Latin music and culture from South, Central and North America, as well as Spain and the rest of the globe.

Albina Cabrera is a radio host, content producer, and music publicist from Argentina. For more than a decade she has worked creating content about the independent music scene in Spanish. Her interest is to communicate identities, diversity, and gender perspectives in Latin American music.

Chilly (William Myers) is a DJ, creative producer/audio editor and writer for Seattle-based radio station KEXP. Chilly has worked in radio, music business education, reporting, events, audio and DJing since moving to Seattle in the late ‘90s. Aside from passionately discovering and sharing music from Latin America and Spain, he’s also a huge hip-hop fan and classic funk and soul vinyl collector.