Exhibit Explorer Quiz

Welcome to the Pacific Science Center Exhibit Quiz! Test your knowledge about the fascinating exhibits found in the Pacific Science Center. Answer these questions to see how well you know some of the wonders of science and technology showcased across our iconic seven-acre campus!

Which dinosaur is known for the large bony crest on its head, often believed to be used for intra-species combat or display purposes?

Which dinosaur in PacSci’s dinosaur exhibit is considered one of the largest meat-eating dinosaurs and is known for its powerful jaws and small, two-fingered arms?

Which butterfly species is known for its dazzling iridescent blue wings, often reflecting light and appearing vividly blue when in flight?

Which butterfly has wings that mimic the appearance of an owl's eyes on its underside, serving as a defense mechanism against predators?

Which of the following can you see in the Emerging Window?

Which tidepool creature among these is known for its hard outer shell, sideways walking movement, and commonly scavenges for food along the shoreline?

In the Brain Cave, you can explore Brain Odyssey, a touchscreen interactive that lets you dive deep into the different parts of the brain, like the limbic system. What does the limbic system control?

What is the primary purpose of the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), set to revolutionize astronomical observations after its launch?

How long has the PACCAR IMAX® screen been in operation, initially utilizing film before converting to a digital format?

How powerful is the sound system within the Laser Dome in terms of digital watts?

How do the live laser artists at the Laser Dome modify the shows they present?

What educational mobile game at Pacific Science Center allows visitors to engage in location-based challenges by uncovering clues in exhibits or using augmented reality features?

What is the primary aim of the IF/THEN Initiative, highlighted in the Science for Everyone exhibit at PacSci?

Which of the following is NOT part of Science for Everyone?

What interactive element in "Adventures with Sound" allows visitors to create melodic tunes by breaking laser beams, resembling a musical instrument?