Camp for Curious Minds’ 2023 Summer Recap

Ah, the summer of 2023 at Camps for Curious Minds—a whirlwind of fun, laughter, and endless learning! As we bid adieu to yet another fantastic season of discovery, let’s take a whimsical dive into the highlights that made this summer a true marvel by the numbers.

46 Years of Camp Magic

In the enchanting realm of camp adventures, 2023 marked the 46th magical summer of Camps for Curious Minds. From its humble beginnings to the vibrant present, the journey has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Have you ever wondered how Camps for Curious Minds came to be? Well, it’s a tale that started back before the disco ruled the dance floors! Picture this: before 1977, there was something called the “School for Science.” But it was not exactly what we would call a camp today.

Back then, it was more similar to a workshop, not the all-day adventure-filled escapades we know and love. Slowly, over time, things changed. Those workshops got longer, stretching into full-day sessions and even week-long explorations.

The evolution from short workshops to the full-blown camps we have today is like watching a caterpillar turn into a butterfly. The journey has been a slow and steady adventure, making it a tad tricky to pin down one specific starting line. But hey, every bit of this history makes our camps even more special, right?

Exploring Across Six Mesmerizing Locations

Two campers hug

In summer 2023, campers explored STEM within Downtown Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, South Seattle (our exciting new addition), Medina, and West Seattle. These six spots were all buzzing with creativity and knowledge-hungry minds. These were the epicenters where curiosity knew no bounds.

Downtown’s innovation, Bellevue’s wetland wonders, Kirkland’s tech spirit, South Seattle’s fresh minds, Medina’s tranquility, and West Seattle’s coastal charm were the backdrops for imaginative journeys.

Campers Galore!

Drumroll, please! A grand total of 4,011 campers joined us on our quest for knowledge in summer 2023. Within this remarkable cohort, almost half of these campers participated in multiple sessions, amplifying their immersive learning experience. In addition, 339 individuals benefited from scholarships, fostering diverse and inclusive educational opportunities.

Four campers working with a beaker

266 Sessions of Summer Fun

With a whopping 266 sessions packed with excitement and enlightenment, each day brought new opportunities to explore, experiment, and embrace the thrill of discovery.

From our tiny tots to our almost-teen adventurers, everyone found their slice of curiosity at our camps.

On average, 4-5 hours per day were spent on hands-on activities— Igniting and nurturing a lifelong love of learning in our future scientists!

Two campers wearing lime green shirts look at a snake

Embracing Diversity and Empowerment

2023 summer camps welcomed campers on our mission to embrace diversity and catering to various needs. Among our diverse offerings, 240 campers immersed themselves in Girl-Focused sessions, while 358 campers had the opportunity to experience Sensory Friendly sessions.

With 27 Sensory Friendly sessions and 17 Girl-focused sessions, our primary aim remained steadfast: ensuring every curious camper found a place to belong, feel empowered, and passionately pursue their interests.

Camper engineering a large piece of duct tape

The Guardians of Knowledge: Our Staff

Our powerhouse team of 121 educators and staff, with 42 returners, were the guiding stars of our summer 2023 universe, fostering creativity and curiosity in every camper.

Want to be a part of our next adventure? We’re gearing up for 2024 and seeking passionate individuals to join our team!

If you’re enthusiastic about inspiring young minds and nurturing curiosity, stay tuned for exciting opportunities to become one of our valued staff members. Keep an eye on our website for updates on how you can embark on this incredible journey with us!

Camps supervisors with Kenworth Trucks.

Adventures Beyond Imagination

Imagine this: in 2023 160 teddies ventured on thrilling escapades, infusing our camps with an enchanting whimsy. But that’s not all! We witnessed the awe-inspiring transformation of over 600 rolls of duct tape into astonishing creations, a testament to our campers’ boundless creativity.

Amidst this exhilaration, our Camps Community Garden flourished with five different vegetables, each telling its unique tale of growth and discovery.

If that wasn’t enough, the arrival of two Kenworth Truck Co. electric trucks electrified the atmosphere, amplifying the overall thrill and awe in our camps!

Camper in the front seat of a truck
Two campers water plants in the camps garden

What’s Next?

At Camps for Curious Minds, the journey of exploration never ends. As 2023 is wrapped up, we’re already setting our sights on what’s next. New camps at Salish Sea Elementary, more scholarships, and a new location in Kirkland are on the horizon. The anticipation is palpable as we eagerly await the next chapter of curious adventures.

In the end, the sparkle in a camper’s eye, the triumphant smile after solving a code, and the laughter that echoes through our camps truly define the essence of Camps for Curious Minds. Here’s to another summer of wonder, growth, and endless curiosity! See you next time, curious minds!

Join the Adventure in 2024!

Are you ready to dive into a world of boundless discovery, where curiosity knows no limits? Camps for Curious Minds eagerly invites all enthusiastic learners and inquisitive minds PreK-8 to join us for an unforgettable journey in 2024!

From captivating summer days to thrilling break sessions, our upcoming camps promise even more excitement, learning, and joy. Secure your spot as soon as registration opens in early February and ensure your camper doesn’t miss out on the thrill of exploration and the joy of hands-on learning.

Are you too excited to wait for summer camp? Register for Mid-Winter and Spring Break camps at PacSci and Mercer Slough locations now!

See you soon, adventurers!

Camps for Curious Minds in summer 2024 is presented by Bristol Myers Squibb. Additional generous support provided by Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center.

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