PacSci-Doku: "Last Chance" Answer

By Dennis Schatz - Senior Vice President for Strategic Programs

The question in this edition is:

When was the last day to see the United States Science Pavilion?

The answer: October 21

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On April 22, 1962, the Seattle World's Fair opened for a six-month run. The U.S. Science Pavilion marveled people with six acres of science discoveries in space, cognitive psychology and the scientific method. Surveys of guests leaving the pavilion showed that people saw science as more feminine, excitable and warm. They also felt optimistic about science eliminating crime and poverty and in the likelihood of a lunar landing by 1980.

After nearly ten million visitors over six months, October 21, 1962 was the last chance to see the Science Pavilion. The next day, the building opened as Pacific Science Center, under the auspices of the Pacific Science Center Foundation, a not-for-profit organization. The urban legend is that after thousands of visitors on October 21, just one person attended the Science Center on October 22. Learn more about plans to celebrate the 50th anniversary transition from the U.S. Science Pavilion to Pacific Science Center.

Here is the solution:


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