FY22 Donors

Pacific Science Center acknowledges with appreciation the following individuals who supported our mission to ignite curiosity. This list recognizes cumulative totals to the 2022 Fiscal Year (July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022).

Individual Support



Theiline P. Scheumannd

In memory of Mary Ann Wiley

$25,000 – $49,999

Jason Barnwellᵇ and Sara Smucker Barnwell
Jeff and Carmen Barr
Sarahᵇ and Andrew Buhayar
Bonnie Chowd
Jim Norris
Edwardᵇ and Simone Wu

$15,000 – $24,999

Eve and Chap Alvord
Jim and Dee Claypool
Ella Dillonᵇ
Karen Williams and Joseph Heck

$10,000 – $14,999

Tom Albergᵇ and Judi Beck
Eric Bensussen
Joshua Binderᵇ and A-P Hurd
Doug Bowserᵇ
Li and Bo Chen
Willᵇ and Jennifer Daugherty
Dick and Athena Eitel
John and Ellen Hill
Richie and Leah Lai
JoAnn McManus Matlick and Mike Matlick
Bruce McCaw
Pamela Merriman and Sonja Ross
Arleen Paulino and Brent Willems
Dabney Point Fund
Robᵇ and Cindy Shurtleff
Tandy and Susan Trower

$5,000 – $9,999

The Sunbridge Foundation
Beardsley Family Foundation
Carl and Renee Behnke
Diana Birkett Rakowᵇ and Jeff Rakow
Steveᵇ and Lori Buchsbaum
Carl and Lorene Davidson
Steve Dwoskin and Janet Donelson
Wei Gaoᵇ and Xiaosi Li
Anne Gittinger
Tonya Henry and Robert Little
Warren and Sally Jewell
Chris Larson
Scott and Mary Lasley
Stanᵇ and Kathy McNaughton
Bill Nye
Vaho Rebassoo and Maura O’Niell
Stephen Alley and Amy Scott
Leslie Servidio and Andrew Parker
Brian and Laurel Smith
Mary Snapp
Dawn Trudeauᵇ
Jordonᵇ and Jamie Voss
George Wilson and Claire McClenny
Martha Wyckoff and Jerry Tone


Barbara and George Akers
William and Megan Casperson
Dr. Vinaya Chepuri and Melanie Field
Josh and Jessica Curry
Richard Derham
Marlene and John Durbin
Richard and Susan Fade
Dr. Richard and Marilyn Herzberg
Melissa Holzhauer
Martha Hsiao
Bruce and Joanne Jones
Jim Lin and Janet Ung
Jon and Melissa Mcclintock
Drs. Donald and Pamela Mitchell
Stephen Moody
Susan Mozer
Dr. Gilbert Omenn and Martha Darling
Mark and Debra Perry
Mary Pigott
Jeffrey Shiu
Jim and Nancy Woods
Rebecca A. Zerngast, DDS


Kim Akers and Chaney Johnson
Danny Bain and Gundula Proksch
Stephen Bishop and Julie Diehl Bishop
Sean Blakey and Kyna Foster
Robert Braun
Jennifer and Andrew Eckert
Alan and Linda Freyd
Bob Gilb and Michele Tiesse
Catherine Gleason and Wayne Johnson
Jodi Hillbrant Johnson
Richard Kennedy and Heidi Morgan
Steven and Jennifer Kern
V. Lowell Kimble
Dr. Richard and Betsy Kirby
Reji Kumar and Barbara Nelson
B.J. Last and Julia Buck
Gary and Reed Lawrenson
Gary and Amy Lee
Maria and Brittain Mason
John McLean
Stephanie and John Miller
Christopher Newell
Caleb Dockter and Mimi Ngyuen
Mark and Vickie Nysether
Douglas and Sarah Reed
Marcia and Donald Saul
Karen Shaw and Larry Hohm
Dr. Robert L. Smith
Elaine Spencer and Dennis Forsyth
Noel and Shann Spishak
Michael Westover and Sara Vallerie
Christopher and Margaret White
S and D Yee


Anonymous (12)
Rene Alkoff
Ruby Amegah
Erik and Helen Anderson
Phoebe Andrew
Ray and Edith Aspiri
Robert Atkinson
Michael Bauer
Glen and Susan Beebe
Dhiraj and Agni Bhatt
Luke and Michelle Bienfang
Deirdre and Fraser Black
Brandon Bray
Betty and Douglas Brownlee
Brad and Judy Chase
Jack and La Verne Chen
Linda and Kevin Cheung
Paul Chiocco and Doug McCrary
Patricia and Theodore Collins
Sander de Haan
Dee Dickinson
Lisa Dow and Paul McLachlan
Marlin Eller and Mary McConney
Richard and Maude Ferry
Mike A. Foster
Kathleen Golden
Robert Gruhl and Stephanie Stone
Rowland Hanson
Matthew Hemsath and Adrienne Lehnert
Matthew and Susan Hillman
William Hodge
Heather and Gene Hsu
Xuan Hui
Gretchen Hund and Ted Andrews
Robert and Jolene Irons
Kiera Jones
Linda and Ted Johnson
Rich and Aimee Jones
Judith and Greg Keyser
Tom and Mary Ann Kofler
Betsy Pepper Larson
Toby Latin-Stoermer
Denny Lee and Huaping Yang
Tom Lennon and Patricia Keegan
The Levitsky-Zuckerman Family
Jennifer Macaluso and Jeff Green
Shawn and Jessica Magraw
Justin Martin
Larissa Massena
Vincent and Karen McFaddin
Jill and Andy McGovern
Betsy McIntyre
Dr. Sanford Melzer, MD MBA and Ellen Evans
Lisa and Christopher Morgan
Martha and Colin Moseley
Amanda Myre and Todd MacDermid
Randall Newell and George Steiner
Don and Melissa Nielsen
Dr. Eric Olson
Mr and Mrs O’Neill
Divya Pahwa and Sunil Garg
Judy Pigott and Stephan Boyd
Kristina and Jeffery Preedy
Bill and Wendy Rabel
Matt and Linda Radecki
Suzanne Ragen
James Scott Rhodes and Connie Lin
Meghan Richardson
Carole Rush and Richard Andler
Jason Schwark
Rajagopala Sesetti
Warren and Nancy Smith
Richard and Cynthia Sonstelie
Duncan and Deborah Steele
Robert and Peggy Steiner
John Teutsch and Mary Foster
Gregory Thornton
Thomas and Deborah Tokarz
Mr. Robert P. Jandl and Ms. Barbara A. Traaen
Dr. Daniel Weise and Laura Yedwab
John White
Susan and Jeremy Wilkening
Andrew and Nancy Willner
Amber Wood
Lory Wuethrich
David Zapolsky and Lynn Hubbard
Amy and David Zarlengo
Holly and Harold Zhu

$1 – $499

Special thanks to the 347 donors who gave between $1 – $499. Your collective support provided more than $38,500 in essential funds to increase access to science throughout our community.

Tributary Gifts

The following donors made gifts to Pacific Science Center in the past year to honor and remember individuals.

In honor of Gavin & Noah Angeloff
In honor of Beck
In honor of Jasper Bergdahl
In honor of Don Cairns
In honor of Sydney & Calvin
In honor of Liliana Epilepsia Chang
In honor of Brad, Emily, Hazel, and Cici
In honor of Laurie Connolly
In honor of Caden & Connor
In honor of Will Daugherty
In honor of Michael Fisher
In honor of David Fluke
In honor of Silas Antonio Lockwood
In honor of Janelle McNamee
In honor of Nona and Michael
In honor of Sue Nightingale
In honor of Carol-Ann O’Mack
In honor of Madison Scott
In honor of Rob Shurtleff and Bryce Seidl
In honor of Nagalakshmi Sesetti
In honor of Nan Stone
In honor of Don and Carolyn Ticknor
In memory of Harold “Howard” Baker (Mr. IMAX)
In memory of David Lynd Fluke
In memory of Harold & Mary Fran Hill
In memory of Nancy Lou Jacobson
In memory of Walter Kistler
In memory of Robert G. Weinland and William C. Kraft
In memory of Samuel H. Levinson
In memory of Darla Vivit Norris
In memory of Brooks Ragen
In memory of Michael Speten
In memory of Claire Thomas
In memory of John D. Warner
In memory of John Warner
In memory of Mary Ann Wiley
In memory of Joe Zablotny

Corporate & Foundation Support


Microsoft Corporation
Moccasin Lake Foundation

$50,000 – $99,999

Nintendo of America
PEMCO Insurance
The Boeing Company

$25,000 – $49,999

Alaska Airlines
Bristol Myers Squibb
Grousemont Foundation
Intellectual Ventures

$10,000 – $24,999

Chevron Corporation
First Tech Federal Credit Union
RCN Telecom Services
Treeline Foundation

$5,000 – $9,999

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Green Diamond Resource Company
Horizons Foundation
Lily Pointe Family Foundation
Seattle Children’s
SMART Technologies
The Baker Foundation

$500 – $4,999

Advanced Industrial Automation
Aerojet Rocketdyne Foundation
Aversa Foundation
Ben Bridge Jeweler
Columbia Bank
Forest Oak Charitable Fund
Kistler Ritso Foundation
Leigh and Louise Rabel Foundation
Meta Platforms, Inc.
Wright Runstad & Company

In-Kind Gifts

Woodland Park Zoo

Matching Gift Companies

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Benefits Management Group Inc.
The Boeing Company
EA Games
IBM Corporation
Liberty Mutual Insurance
Macquarie Group
McKinsey & Company
Microsoft Corporation
Nintendo of America
The Pokemon Company

Board of Directors

July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022

Tom Alberg
Sherilyn Anderson
Jason Barnwell
Josh Binder
Doug Bowser
Steve Buchsbaum
Sarah Buhayar
Chris Costa, Ex Officio
Will Daugherty, Ex Officio
Ella Dillon
Mathen Ganesan
Wei Gao
Kiera Jones, Ex Officio
Dan Li, Ex Officio
Jembaa Mai
Stan McNaughton
Erin Okuno
Eric Pettigrew
Diana Birkett Rakow, Secretary
Erica Sanchez
Rob Shurtleff
Jill Singh
Dawn Trudeau
Jordon Voss
Ed Wu

Emeritus Board Members

Gretchen Hund Andrews
Elisabeth Bottlerd
Philip M. Condit
Marlene Durbin
David Fluked
James E. Warjone
John D. Warnerd

b Board Member, d Deceased