Wellbody Hall is the first area you'll experience as you pass through our main entry. It's the central area of the Academy and features core educational content about behavior change.

Wellbody Hall

Wellbody Academy

This Wellbody Academy student union building introduces you to the skills you need to implement healthy changes in your daily life. Here you will find:

Wellness Strategy Optimizer
This interactive helps you learn about setting manageable goals. Manipulate three drums displaying words representing a goal, a reference to frequency, and a start time. As you line up words to describe goals, you have the opportunity to think about what makes a good goal.

Barrier Feud
This Family Feud-style video game presents survey questions for three topics in Wellbody Academy—fitness, nutrition and sleep. For each topic selected, the first question asks you to identify barriers to wellness: the second question has you identify potential solutions to those barriers. You learn that one of the important steps in changing behavior is anticipating barriers and strategizing how to get around them.

With a Little Help ...
Here you will learn that you are more likely to succeed in modifying your behavior if you enlist the help of friends. Join with other guests to guide a ball through a large complex maze where junctions are marked with choices to seek the support of friends or try to succeed on your own.

Influence Decoder
A media presentation encourages you to consider how advertising can influence wellness decisions.

Making Changes
This "theater" experience presents a series of stories about individuals, families, and communities that have successfully negotiated wellness changes. The stories reflect the message of Wellbody Hall--that there are many steps to making successful changes, and that there are many different ways to implement change.

Changing Gears
This engaging visual piece summarizes strategies for successful behavior modification, pulling together the messages of the Hall's individual exhibits.