Educator Resources

Greetings, Educators!

Pacific Science Center is thrilled to partner with you to help children and families make healthier choices in daily life—a vital mission for all of us as our nation grapples with preventable diseases such as type 2 diabetes, obesity and chronic sleep deprivation.

Students will love visiting Professor Wellbody’s Academy of Health & Wellness, an innovative new exhibit that uses playful activities to share important research and tips on health and wellness. Games and gee-whiz gadgets guide students through the process of setting their own wellness goals and identifying support networks and potential barriers.  And, talk about hands-on, your students can lather up, virtually, using fascinating interactive video technology recently developed to train health workers to properly wash their hands. It increased hand-hygiene rates by 156 percent in hospitals, so imagine how it might reduce the transmission of sniffles and flu in your classroom!

More advanced students can check out The Studio, a dynamic space showcasing local scientists and cutting-edge research from laboratories and research institutions in the Pacific Northwest.  Featured: Genetics (Dec. 2012–May 2013), Neuroscience (June 2013–Nov. 2013), Translating Research into Medicine (Dec. 2013–May 2014), Environment and Health (June 2014–Nov. 2014), and Cancer (Dec. 2014–May 2015).

To support your classroom teaching and Wellbody field trip, we’ve put together a free, downloadable educator's guide. The Wellbody Educator’s Handbook includes step-by-step lesson plans, curriculum connections and games that showcase latest research (and fun facts) about healthy nutrition, exercise, sleep and hygiene. 

The Handbook also details how the exhibit and complementary classroom activities align with Washington State Essential Learning Standards in Health and Fitness and Science.

Please help us gauge the impact of the Wellbody experience on students’ health behaviors by having them take the pre- and post-visit surveys included in the Wellbody Educator's Handbook. Teachers who submit survey results online will get a thank you in the form of four exhibit passes to Pacific Science Center to use with family or friends.

  • To view cumulative Health Behavior Poll results from 6th and 7th grade classes, please download this PDF. [Last updated August 2013.]
  • Be the first to contribute your K through 5th grade student Health Behavior Poll results. Please follow the instructions for submission on pages 21 and 83 of either level Wellbody Educator's Handbook.

Thanks for joining us to create healthier kids and communities! At Pacific Science Center, we believe each of us can do something every day to improve our general health and well-being.