Scientist Spotlight


Discover how science works alongside the pros at Scientist Spotlight. This program, always held on the first Saturday most months and at other times when we can, features local scientists who will share their work with you through hands-on activities and conversation. Learn how scientists detect cancer-causing genes, estimate fish populations, investigate the geology of Mars, and more.

Scientist Spotlight for March 1, 2014

Morning (11 a.m.–2 p.m.):

In Ackerley Family Exhibit Gallery:

Craig Kastelle, "How Old Do Fish Get?"
Alaska Fisheries Science Center, NOAA
Learn a fish's age by looking in a surprising place: its ears!

Brad Dickerson, "Lessons in Flight"
University of Washington, Department of Biology
How does movement help us sense the world around us? Explore how insects sense their environment during flight.

Mark Hanke, "The Tumor Microenvironment: Identifying What Cancer Needs and Wants!"
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Clinical Research Division

Becky Lewis & Homira Osman, "Look Over (H)Ear!"
University of Washington, Department of Speech & Hearing Sciences

Gina Fridley, "Could a Strip of Paper Save Your Life?"
Department of Bioengineering, University of Washington
Experience the challenge of designing a low-cost test that can be used to detect diseases like flu or malaria.

Jill Johnsen, "Inheritance and Blood Type"
Puget Sound Blood Center Research Institute/UW Medicine
Explore how you inherit your blood type and how it influences your immune system.

Afternoon (2–5 p.m.):

In Ackerley Family Exhibit Gallery:

Tammy Stawicki, "Save a Hair Cell, Save Your Hearing"
University of Washington, Department of Biological Structure
Can you design a strategy to protect hair cells from drugs that might be dangerous to them?

Cyan James, "Dare to Share: How do you control your DNA?"
University of Washington, Department of Public Health Genetics

Brandon Sack, "Parasite Plinko: How Antibodies Stop Malaria"
Seattle Biomedical Research Institute

This program exclusively features Pacific Science Center Science Communication Fellows. Fellows are local science-based professionals who are trained in communication and committed to sharing their love of science with you.

Entry to Scientist Spotlight is included with the price of general admission - FREE for Pacific Science Center members.

Contact Stephanie Arduini, Portal to the Public Program Manager at (206) 443-2886 or for more information.