Hearts + Lights = Sweet Memory

light-up-the-night  light-up-the-night

We're honored to have played a part in a very special day for a Seattle couple who recently celebrated their right to marry after 22 years together.

Kathleen was an awestruck 12-year-old when she first saw Pacific Science Center's arches at the World's Fair. They soared into the sky, strong as steel with the grace of lace, a gateway to a new frontier at the end of a really long road trip.

Her family had driven across the country from the other Washington to visit the World's Fair. "I loved the arches better than the Space Needle as a child. They were both imposing and delicate at the same time." Kathleen says.

Two years after the World's Fair, Kathleen returned to Seattle to visit her aunt and uncle here. "All I wanted to do was go back to MY arches and the Science Center. My aunt put me on a bus from Wedgwood, I transferred to the # 5 and wound up at the Science Center. I spent the entire day there and was deliriously happy."

Kathleen and the love her life, Denise, moved to Seattle from Washington D.C. 21 years ago. They live in a downtown condo with a spectacular view of the arches. The arches have become sentinels of their lives, a loyal presence during countless visits to the Science Center with nephews and grandchildren, evenings watching IMAX films on the big screen, night strolls around downtown and to Seattle Center events. So when it came time to wed after 22 years together, Kathleen decided to surprise Denise by lighting their favorite landmark.

"The arches mean so much to me and to us," Kathleen said. "I just wondered if I could light them because that would be perfect, an exclamation point on our historical celebration."

"In honor of Denise on . . . our 22nd anniversary of being together, and our two-and-a-half month anniversary of our marriage. Thank you for staying with me...and for marrying me. In the words of our marriage ceremony, you are my 'spouse for life'. I love you. ~ Kathleen"

The arches twinkled pink and purple during Kathleen and Denise's evening wedding reception and continued glowing for them late into the night. Denise was thrilled. Their many wedding guests were so excited, they drove to the Science Center after the reception to take pictures and then returned to Kathleen and Denise's condo for a celebratory after-party, gazing out of the living room windows at the custom-lit arches punctuating the night skyline.

"I was jubilant," Kathleen says. "It was the perfect end to a perfect night. Nothing could have been better. My singular thought was this: Whether they knew it or not, the entire city of Seattle was sharing in our celebration. It was absolutely grand!"

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