Photo by C.B. Bell

On display through July 2014 at Pacific Science Center

Joseph Rossano's interactive BOLD sculpture series interprets the work of innovative biodiversity scientists, including Dr. Daniel H. Janzen, distinguished Kyoto Prize Laureate, Crafoord Prize recipient,  BBVA Frontiers of Knowledge awardee, and University of Pennsylvania Professor.

BOLD shares the acronym of Barcode of Life Datasystems, the Canadian repository for the International Barcode of Life project, for which Janzen is a passionate proponent and contributor.

Traveling widely from his Pacific Northwest home, Rossano engages the public in DNA barcoding of biodiversity through his artistic creation. He gives viewers access to efforts to catalog, understand, and protect our planet's precious and threatened biological resources. Sculptured and silvered polyurethane butterflies and Moorea reef fish, and lacquered sea life abstractions, are the core of Rossano's exhibition.

Dr. Janzen's stunning caterpillar photographs from the Área de Conservación Guanacaste, a renowned tropical biocultural restoration and UNESCO World Heritage Site in northwestern Costa Rica, provide visual and biological complement to Rossano's butterflies and other specimens.

Each BOLD piece incorporates a vision of reading nature—bioliteracy—via mobile devices, delivering the natural history and science of species to you: Bring your smartphone along!