Science On a Sphere

science-on-a-sphereA new permanent exhibit now resides in Building 2 at Pacific Science Center. It's Science On a Sphere, generously provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Science On a Sphere is an astonishing piece of technology that uses computers and video projectors to display dynamic, animated images of the atmosphere, oceans and land on an illuminated sphere six feet in diameter. Datasets created for this system allow us to explain complex environmental processes to our guests in an innovative way that is both educational and interactive.

The sphere is located just outside the Willard Smith Planetarium in Building 2 and is included with the price of general admission to Pacific Science Center. It is suitable for guests of all ages.

Learn more about Science On a Sphere from NOAA. Below is a short video showing installation of the exhibit during September 2010.