The Photography Of Modernist Cuisine: The Exhibition

October 26, 2013-February 17, 2014

Introducing The Photography of Modernist Cuisine: The Exhibition, a showcase of the stunning imagery produced by Nathan Myhrvold and his team at The Cooking Lab. This exhibition is in many ways the culmination of Myhrvold's lifelong interests in food, science and photography. It offers guests a unique perspective on food in which the aesthetic beauty of plants, animals and cooking phenomena illuminates the fascinating, accessible science at work in our kitchens every day.

With 100 large-scale images, guests will witness and explore the science of food through the lens of photography. See the fractal structures and mesmerizing color gradations of vitamin C crystals through research microscopes with special filters that polarize light. Learn about the physics that propels and explodes a bursting kernel of popcorn through the lens of a high-speed video camera that slows down the action by a factor of 200. This unprecedented collection of captivating images uses these innovations and other advanced technologies to show the world of food from a whole new angle.

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