PacSci-Doku: "Last Chance"

By Dennis Schatz - Senior Vice President for Strategic Programs

Looking for "The Studio" edition?

Do you Sudoku? It's one of the hottest number games around! Well, here's a twist we think you'll love. We call it PacSci-Doku, can you guess why? Here's how it works. Instead of filling in the blanks with numbers, use letters. Hidden in one of the columns or rows is the answer to a science question. The question in this edition is:

When was the last day to see the United States Science Pavilion?

To find the answer, complete this PacSci-Doku using the following nine letters:

1  e  o  r  O  b  t  c  2

Each row and column in the grid below has to have only one of each of these letters. Each of the 3 x 3 mini-squares in the 9 x 9 square also needs to have only one of each letter.


Puzzle Difficulty=Medium

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