Over the years, Professor Wellbody recruited mentors from the ranks of Academy students. These mentors continue to play important roles at the Academy to this day. Though you never see them, you'll understand their character and interests by the objects on, in or around their desks.

Wellbody Academy Mentors

Mentors Desk items

Professor Arden Wellbody is the mentor in The Loft. Arden is a doer rather than a talker, a tinkerer who believes in hands-on learning. He's approachable, but during conversation he has a tendency to turn questions back on the questioner. After every encounter with Arden you always realize he's listened more than he has shared any personal information. Arden is older (early 70's), but in a sense ageless, radiating vigor and a palpable zest for life. He's extremely knowledgeable about obscure and arcane subjects such as, surprisingly, film starlets from the 1903's.

Victoria Dash, a woman in her early 30s is the mentor in Playdium. Victoria is enthusiastic, but not gung ho, sort of a vigorous, confident and competent camp counselor type (the one who can always get the camp fire started.) She's welcoming and encouraging towards people of all physical abilities and takes the greatest pleasure in the success of others. A real coach/advocate, she demands a positive attitude from her students. Victoria is a physical omnivore who is interested in all sorts of non-traditional ways to be physically active (rock climbing, has tried tightrope walking) and is interested in activities that require full utilization of the body rather than sports.

Hugo Knapp, a man in his mid-20s is the mentor in our Slumbertorium. Hugo is pretty laid back, and for someone so young he's very centered and comfortable, not easily excited. One could describe him as Zen, but his serenity does not come from the new age, woo woo world. Instead Hugo is drawn to the clean and quiet mid-century modern aesthetic. He orchestrates his environment and there's a sense of deliberateness about what he chooses to keep at his desk. Hugo has an object on his desk that represents his personal area of research. In this case it is a notebook visitors can flip through with case studies about people with various sleeping problems.

Rosemary Baker, a female in her 50s is mentor in Cafedium. Rosemary is a vibrant, earthy woman who is passionate about food and loves to garden. She's rather disorganized and messy and quite experimental when it comes to food and projects (reflected in her love of kitchen gadgets.) Rosemary is very involved in the local food community from Seattle Tilth to back yard chicken farming. She's fascinated by all different types of cuisine and encourages others to broaden their palettes in order to discover their own joy of good food.

Dustin McLean, a male in his mid-40s is the Germnasium mentor. While an accomplished scientist who is fascinated by the ways we try to hold back the forces of bacteria, Dustin is the jokester of the mentors with a broad sense of humor and whimsy. Maybe it's the love of disgusting/scary topics, but kids are totally drawn to Dustin who makes hand washing, bad breath and oral hygiene fun and interesting.