The Studio

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The Studio showcases the latest in health-related research occurring in the Pacific Northwest. The featured theme and content in The Studio changes every six months, giving you an opportunity to learn about new advances in health research and the methods, challenges and opportunities associated with scientific innovation.

In The Studio, you can hear visiting scientists discuss their research efforts in the health sciences and learn about the cutting-edge science that is advancing understanding about health and wellness. You also have the opportunity to explore health-related careers.

Current Exhibit

Building A New You: Harnessing The Power Of Stem Cells

The exhibit explores the stem cells in YOUR body right NOW and also what scientists are doing to stem cells in labs in the hopes of curing diseases. It features local Seattle labs – the Chuck Murry Lab at the University of Washington, which works with heart stem cells and hopes to treat cardiovascular disease in people – the Colleen Delaney Lab at The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center uses donated umbilical cord blood to cure leukemia – and across a few labs in the Seattle area scientists are creating a "kidney on a chip," which is a model kidney for use in drug testing. Come and explore how your stem cells help grow and repair your body on a daily basis, while also seeing what these amazing little cells can do in a lab.

The Studio features daily hands-on activities led by Pacific Science Center staff on select topics in the health sciences. On the first Saturday of most months, you can talk with local scientists at Scientist Spotlight. These programs are included in the price of general admission--FREE for Pacific Science Center members.

Volunteer Opportunities
We work with local scientists to create exciting exhibit and programs that focus on current health science research. If you are a scientist or researcher in the Seattle area looking to get involved, we invite you to learn more about this excellent program.

For more information please contact Beth Gibson, Media & Content Specialist for Portal to the Public, or (206) 443-3357.


This project is supported by a Science Education Partnership Award (SEPA) from the National Institutes of Health and a National Leadership Grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.