Educator Guides

Dear Educators:

In true Professor Wellbody style, we offer a handsome, blue leather Wellbody Academy Educator’s Handbook to help you prepare for your students' field trip to Pacific Science Center's exciting new Wellbody exhibit. (Downloadable in pdf format in English or Spanish for grades K-3 and 4-6.)

Before and after your students experience the Wellbody Academy’s Loft-a-Palooza fitness machine, Burger Planet, Slumbertorium and other hands-on activities, we invite you to explore the Handbook’s step-by-step lesson plans, curriculum connections and games. These are all designed to help you share latest research (and fun facts) about healthy nutrition, exercise, sleep and hygiene with your students.

The Handbook is packed with fun tidbits and teaching tools. It shows you how to set up a simple Food Detective Lab in your classroom; use salt and lettuce to run a sodium investigation; introduce students to career possibilities in health sciences and fitness; stage a Cardiac Dance Fest to measure the heart rates and caloric expenditures of different styles of dance.

The Handbook also details how the exhibit and complementary classroom activities align with Washington State Essential Learning Standards in Health and Fitness and Science. 

As the Wellbody Academy seal says: Imagine - Plan - Grow!