Scientist Spotlight



Discover how science works alongside the pros at Scientist Spotlight. This program is free with admission and happens nearly every month (always on first Saturdays). Scientist Spotlight features two rounds (11 a.m.-2 p.m. and 2 p.m.-5 p.m.) of local scientists who share their work with you through hands-on activities and conversation. Learn how scientists detect cancer-causing genes, estimate fish populations, investigate the geology of Mars, and more.

Join us Sat., May 2, 2015 for our next event. We have new scientists that will present:

  • New! Helpful Bacteria Communities - in your intestine!
  • New! Virus Warfare: How Your Immune System Fights Off Infection
  • New! Cancer: When good cells go bad
  • New! Cell Memory

These and many more!

This program exclusively features Pacific Science Center Science Communication Fellows. Fellows are local science-based professionals who are trained in communication and committed to sharing their love of science with you.

Entry to Scientist Spotlight is included with the price of general admission - FREE for Pacific Science Center members. Contact Melissa Telemeco at or (206) 443-2388 for more information.