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Mercer Slough Environmental Education Center launches new
Camps for Curious Minds for preschool and middle school

SloughSEATTLE – March 21, 2013 –This summer, let your child explore and find inspiration in the surprisingly wild wetlands of Bellevue during Pacific Science Center’s Camps for Curious Minds held at the Mercer Slough Environmental Education Center. New camps have recently been added both for preschool and middle school children that feature outdoor adventures and hands-on experiences that are sure to pique the interest of the young scientists and naturalists in your family.

Building on the success of Polliwog Preschool, awarded the ‘Most Awesome Preschool’ by the parent resource publication, Red Tricycle, Mercer Slough’s new preschool camps feature hands-on activities and child-centered investigations to foster young learners’ innate curiosity about the natural world. Let your little one find out what makes the ground so squishy and slugs so slimy at “Mud, Muck and Goo,” or embark on an expedition into the wild to discover trails, ponds and wild animal tracks at one of the two “Wild Explorers” sessions. Both camps are designed for children ages 4-5.

For families with middle school-aged students, Mercer Slough now offers two new camps focused on outdoor exploration. From the Cascade foothills to the wetlands of the Slough, students can explore the unique waterways of Western Washington in the “Life Aquatic” camp. Camp participants get the opportunity to collect and study macro-invertebrates and aquatic plant life as they assess water quality via our state-of-the-art wet lab equipment.

For those who prefer to explore nature through an artistic medium we offer the opportunity to follow the footsteps of John Muir and John James Audubon while exploring King County Trails in our “Nature Art & Photography” camp. Students are encouraged to document their experiences in the wild both through journaling and photography as they explore the exquisite and diverse natural world around us. This program is intended for students in grades 6 – 8.

“Our camps and programs offer many opportunities for children of all ages to discover the importance of environmental science in the wetlands of our area,” said Karen Lennon, Mercer Slough Environmental Education Center Programs Manager. “We hope that all students participating will not only walk away with a sense of stewardship but a sense of wonder for the environment.”

Get a discount by registering early for these exciting preschool and middle school summer camp opportunities. Early registration closes April 30 and space fills quickly. Spring break camps at Mercer Slough are still available for hands-on environmental exploration. Register online at

Wetland exploration does not need to end with the close of summer. During the school year, middle school students have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in environmental science and learn about careers in clean and green technologies through our new after school Environmental Science Pathways program. For those who want to take it to the next level, the Environmental Science and Technology Practicum offers high school students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the field and in the lab, and meet with high-level professionals in the clean and green technology sector. The Practicum is offered on Saturdays during the school year. Check on-line at for details.

Located on a biologically diverse 320-acre wetland nature park in the heart of urban Bellevue, the Mercer Slough Environmental Education Center is a collaboration between Pacific Science Center and the City of Bellevue. Pacific Science Center, a not-for-profit institution, provides science-based education programs that inspire lifelong awareness, understanding and appreciation of science as well as the natural world. With the same focus, the City of Bellevue provides environmental interpretive programs for adults and families.