June 1-September 2, 2013

Do you have what it takes to innovate? Are you a good observer? Do you ask the right questions? Are you willing to take risks? Where do you get your inspiration and do you inspire others? You will soon find out as you open up your thinking, reflect on what you learn and create something new with Imaginate – a multi-activity exhibition that introduces you to the skills and attitudes that are part of the process of innovation. Challenge yourself right now!

Imaginate explores five broad themes each representing a possible pathway to innovation. Below are examples of interactives found within each theme.

Dream Big

  • So You Think You Can Fly: As a child did you ever just want to fly? Put on a pair on wings, flap your arms and compare your flapping rate to different birds. Step on our scale and see what your wingspan would need to be for you to be able to fly.

Expect the Unexpected

  • Materials Playground: Have you ever looked at something ordinary and thought of a way to make it extraordinary? Test out various properties of materials in this materials playground and see how nature has directly inspired many inventions.

Collaborate or Compete

  • Sound Panels: Is it just noise or is it “music”? In this large room of sound and lights, you can create a musical masterpiece involving rhythm, light, pattern and emotion. Collaboration with others lets you work with each other’s sounds.

Try, Try and Try Again

  • Friction Zone: Many good innovations come from an understanding of the properties of the materials being used. By experimenting with the surface properties of a range of materials, you can discover which combinations yield the fastest or slowest run.

Look to the World

  • 3D Evolution: The evolution of 3D is filled with examples of innovative behavior – from stereoscopes to 3D glasses to 3D screens that can be viewed without glasses. Learn how the brain perceives 3D and experience some illusions that take spectacular advantage of this science.


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Imaginate Exhibit Accessibility and Interactive Requirements

The Imaginate exhibit is wheelchair accessible. There are select interactive elements that are not wheelchair friendly or options for some of our disabled guests. However, most features are at a good visual height and can be done from a sitting position.

Imaginate is friendly for guests of all ages though there are some elements not suited for our youngest guests.

See further detail below on specific exhibit pieces within Imaginate that have age or disability restrictions. If you have any further questions, please call (206) 443-2001. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at Imaginate this summer at Pacific Science Center.

3D Evolution
Many of the artifacts are positioned higher on the exhibit face and may be too high for easy use by those in wheelchairs.

Create Something New
Good for visitors of all ages. There will be staff supervision as glue guns are part of the experience.

Friction Zone
This exhibit has one component that is not wheelchair accessible as climbing stairs is required.

Materials Playground
Wheelchair accessible with the exception of the Vibrating Chairs component.

Question of the Day
Levers on this exhibit may be too high for visitors in wheelchairs to reach.

So You Think You Can Fly
The component of mass measurement and comparison to wingspan is not wheelchair accessible as it utilizes a climb-up scale. Other areas where wings are worn and flap rate measured is accessible however. This experience is meant for all ages though wings may be too heavy for the smallest visitor.

Speech Synthesis
The microphone may be recessed too deeply for easy wheelchair accessibility.

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